In this article, I will try to clarify the question of the law to give Mexico, I think it is good to enlighten the consciences around this issue. Many other countries have a service for people who perform a service or render us the service.

Many English for the malent to the idea, because the year of a little different, little little with little tables and road of our habits. The Money for Money. The Money for Money. The Money For Money.

In France, the customer is satisfied with the service, he leaves a server by a restaurant for example, but this is lost more and more, we know that the person in France will still be paid. .


In Mexico, you have to know that people earn an account, the average salary in Mexico is 480 € per month, but in reality much more in fact, they are much worse. is 102 pesos, which is 4.6 € per day.

Take the example of a driver employed in Mexico, earn 300 pesos a day and work according to seasonal demands, so it is paid 20 days ago 275 € in the month knowing that there are months where he will work only 15 days and will be paid 206 €.

And yet this driver must feed his family, pay his rent, pay health care his family etc … and as long as he lives in an area where tourism is important certainly it will work more, but the cost of life will be up to 2X higher in these areas.

I would like to draw your attention to this reality. This driver will have to live outside the tourist area to “survive”, he will get up at 4am to go to his place of work and return home sometimes not before 19H or 20h in the evening …

That’s the side nobody talks about and yet it’s an overwhelming reality in Mexico that I’ve been dealing with working with locals. These people do not count their hours and the only source of extra income they can expect to live better is the tip.

As a Frenchman we do not realize this, we do not know that he got up at 4am to be there in front of us at 7am and it is normal that he is wanting to go home on time.

I sometimes hear people saying “the driver is going to wait, we are going to ask him to make a few stops to take pictures” or else “he is already paid, we will not pay him back” or “you give him the small pieces of centimes pesos “.


Imagine yourself in the place of this person: you earn € 250 per month and life is very hard for you. You get up at 4am and come home at 7pm, you do not see much of your family, and you do not even have enough money to pay the dentist to your child for caries. You have to leave the van at your employer’s home at the end of your day and you still have 1 hour of transportation to go home because you can not afford to buy and maintain a car.

Your job is to recover tourists in resorts at 300 € per night, you see them with cameras, glasses and branded t-shirts, a wallet full of pesos, you make several stops on the way back to let the tourists take a few pictures to go back home late and at the end of the day not one person gives you a tip … or say a simple thank you.

The following days, you are disappointed, when you are asked to make a stop to take pictures you refuse because otherwise you know that you will return home late and you will not be better paid in the end. It’s human, right?

This is a bit of the situation experienced by local residents employed in Mexico.

It is customary to tip when you are happy with the service of the employee, whether for the driver, the server, the boat driver etc …

I do not want to pity or take part in a cause, I just want to describe the reality of many employees in Mexico to understand the usefulness of the tip in this country.

Some people feel offended or complain during their trips when they are told about the tip to give the van driver or the sailor of the boat, and that’s what motivated me to do this article.

The guide has no choice but to talk about it because it is customary in Mexico and if he does not speak it he may be called to order and reprimand by the driver and the sailor . At the risk of ending up with a driver who arrives late every morning for the following days or a sailor who does not show up …

Some people take the front and ask me how much they should tip, I think if you give 15 to 25 pesos per employee is correct, I speak for example of the pump drivers, doormen, porters, bellboy, valet-men, all those who render small services. In restaurants we give between 10% and 15% of the bill, personally I always leave 10% unless I have really dealt with someone who does more than his job and merit.

Some ask you to tip and write it down on the note, it is not an obligation to give what is written, it’s just the amount they would like to receive but sometimes they ask for 25% in addition to the addition, do the calculations yourself. After if you also have 1000 pesos a night for the shot do not exceed 50 pesos unless you are really very satisfied with the service.

In the end if you gave 4 people 25 pesos it is € 4.50 at the end of the day, which is also not much for a French who earns a minimum of his life. And it will give a little balm to the heart local residents. And if you are really satisfied with the service and the friendliness of a particular person free to give you more, you will enliven the day of a local 🙂

Have a nice trip !

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