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Excursion Muyil & CANALS MAYAS & discovery homestay


The Muyil tour is a must to discover how the Maya trade worked. You will enjoy a boat ride through the Mayan channels and understand why they dug them. You will learn how to make tortilla and guacamole in a remote Mayan village of mass tourism and discover how the locals live.

Located south of Tulum at 20 km, the archaeological site of Muyil is in the middle of the jungle. Even if it is not very known, it attracts some visitors because here it is cooler and there reigns a rather mysterious atmosphere.

At the end of this site is a path that takes you to the Chunyaxché lagoon. So you walk through the jungle to admire the flora between marshy and wet areas. The vegetation is abundant and apart from the song of the birds it is the absolute calm.





This area is particularly rich in fish, rays, green turtles and loggerhead turtles.


2 to 12 people



Muyil Tour Program

Lors de l’excursion de Muyil, vous allez découvrir son site archéologique, sa jungle, les variétés de plantes, faire un tour en bateau dans les canaux Maya, puis vous allez à la rencontre d’un village maya, vous apprendrez à faire le guacamole et les tortillas maison.

You will swim in the Mayan channels and you will experience an authentic experience with the Mayan inhabitants to better know their way of life.

Duration of the excursion: about 6 hours

The departure is at 7H Tulum which allows you to arrive first to the lagoon Muyil.

Crossing the Muyil lagoon by boat.

Ballade et flottaison dans les canaux mayas au milieu de la mangrove et de la savane.

Explanation on the local flora and fauna.

Departure for the Mayan village and meeting with the inhabitants, visit the village, a house, a chapel and discovery of their environment and way of life, discovery of medicinal plants, native fruits, their sources of to better understand how these indigenous peoples live.

Initiation à la préparation du guacamole et des tortillas suivit d’une dégustation

Option repas chez l’habitant : 120 pesos par personne, ici pas de chichi, vous êtes loin du tourisme organisé de masse, vous mangez comme eux et donc dans le même décor. It’s a rewarding experience, you forget the comfort and the superficial, it’s local.

Visite du site archéologique de Muyil et de la jungle.

Back to the car

You can bring with you gifts for children and / or adults (pens, markers, soaps, sweets, etc …), you will make happy because they live not much.

What’s included

  • French speaking guide
  • Entrance to the reserve
  • Boat tour
  • Entrance to the archaeological site
  • Preparation of guacamole and tasting
  • Transport if you chose it

What to bring

  • Tee shirt anti Uv
  • Swimsuit & Towel
  • Natural mosquito repellent
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Bottle of water

What to remember

  • French-language guide certified Secretoo, French company based in Lyon
  • Booking can be cancelled 72 hours before the tour and fully refunded
  • If the booking is then cancelled, the remaining amount to be paid to the guide will be deducted so as not to impact the other participants or the guide who has booked his day for you.

The guide rides in your car and accompanies you for the day.

You are a family of 4, you book a day where there are already 2 people waiting, we group all 6 you pay the price for 6 people or € 74 per person.

We can arrange transportation on request.

  • 2 people : 167€ /pers. (3215 pesos + 15€)
  • 4 people : 97€ /pers. (1740 pesos + 15€)
  • 6 people : 90€ /pers. (1565 pesos + 15€)
  • 10 people : 77€ /pers. (1315 pesos + 15€)
  • 12 people : 69€ /pers. (1150 pesos + 15€)

Prices shown in euros can vary very slightly upwards or downwards depending on the price of the pesos.


“The Mayan channels are really great but the moment with the Maya family after the tour is great. We were able to share and understand how they live. The best experience of the stay thanks to Murielle! “

Andrea S. – 32 years old

“Perfect! We were only 4, which gave us an idea of ​​the importance of having a big group of people.

Philippe C. – 41 years old

“Murielle knows perfectly the fauna and flora of Sian kaan which greatly enriched the excursion! Remember to bring back some tricks for the Maya family. You will make happy 🙂 “

Hélène N. – 34 years old

Murielle your French speaking guide

“Passionate about animals and nature since always, I decided to make it my profession”.

“I have been an animal trainer for 20 years and I have been a nature guide for more than 4 years now”.

“To be able to transmit my love, my respect and my knowledge of plants and animals to nature lovers, is a gift that gave me life.”


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