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excursion DIVE IN CENOTE

The cenote diving is very popular with travelers because it is unique in the world. The clarity of the water, the play of lights, the geological formations of stalactites and stalagmites offer an unforgettable visual pleasure.

Cenotes are natural wells with depths of up to several hundred meters that are found mainly in Mexico and more widely in North America and Central America.

Most cenotes are filled with fresh water, but sometimes with a lower layer of seawater, and most of them are interconnected by a system of aquatic caves. These cenotes have an important historical and scientific value. They are protected as underwater cultural heritage.




Departure: playa del Carmen


1 to 6 people



Cenote diving program


During this day you will dive twice to discover a unique environment. You will test the cenote dive which offers exceptional light effects and a mysterious setting.

Condition for diving:

    • Minimum age: 15 years
    • Only certified divers open water or level 1 minimum

Duration of the excursion approximately: 7 hours (7H30-14H30)

The departure is from Playa Del Carmen. You will recover your equipment and your bottles.

Then you leave for the cenote chosen between CHAC MOOL or TAJ MAHAL.

You will do two dives on two different lines to discover two different aspects of the cenote, you will see among other things different lights, geological formations rising and falling shapes, circumferences and different sizes.

You will be able to observe the halocline phenomenon that one finds very often in the cenotes.

Between the two dives you will eat in a small local restaurant included in the price.

The use of sunscreen is forbidden in cenotes.


What’s included

  • Certified French diver
  • Entry of cenotes
  • Meals at a local restaurant
  • Transport

What to bring

  • Swimsuit & Towel
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Bottle of water
  • Diving booklet

What to remember

  • French diver certified and verified by Secretoo, a French company based in Lyon
  • Booking can be cancelled 72 hours before the tour and fully refunded
  • If the booking is then cancelled, the remaining amount to be paid to the guide will be deducted so as not to impact the other participants or the guide who has booked his day for you.

Our discounts with transport from Playa del Carmen

You are a couple, you book a day where there are already 2 people registered, we group all 4, so you pay the price for 4 people, or 119 € per person.

  • 2 people : 124€ /pers. (2290 pesos + 15€)
  • 4 people : 119€ /pers. (2200 pesos + 15€)

Prices shown in euros can vary very slightly upwards or downwards depending on the price of the pesos.

Our discounts with transport from Playa del Carmen

You are a couple, you book a day where there are already 2 people registered, we group all 4, so you pay the price for 4 people, or 119 € per person.

2 people : 127 € / pers.

4 people : 122 € / pers.

6 people : 118 € / pers.

Prices may vary slightly up or down depending on the price of the pesos.

If you are more numerous or if you wish to privatize this excursion it is possible, contact us.


“The cenote dive is particularly impressive. This is the only place in the world where we can do it and if we have the level, it’s a moment not to be missed! “

Andrea S. – 32 years old

“John is reassuring and professional. He was able to guide us safely during the dive safely. The proposed cenotes are very beautiful and will be engraved in our memories “

Philippe C. – 41 years old

“Thank you for the ingenious idea! I hope you will have the chance to develop this system in other countries to continue to find our guides on Secretoo! “

Hélène N. – 34 years old

John – your French diving instructor


“French native and passionate about diving for 12 years, I decided to settle in Mexico 2 years ago to live my passion.”

“Graduated as an instructor for several years, I choose to make you discover cenote diving.”


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