The price of Chichen is applied to the government of Yucatan in February 2019 for 481 pesos for foreigners (411 pesos corresponding to the cultural tariff and 70 pesos which are closed by the INHA).

To know more about the entrance fees for Chichen Itza tours, we saw a lot of people about the prices. You have to know that you need to buy 2 tickets to enter the archaeological site. Indeed, each visitor receives two coupons:

1. A ticket that verifies the payment to the state government (Yucatán)

2. Bulletin verifying the payment to INAH.

In February 2019, the price of entry to foreigners has already been doubled.

The entry price to the United States in 2019 for Mexicans is 202 pesos (132 pesos of the cultural tax and 70 pesos of that stipulated by the INHA). Use a video camera at an additional cost of 45 pesos.

PLEASE NOTE: The price of Chichen Itza is free every day for:

Children under 13 years
On Sunday, entry is free for Mexicans and residents.




Visits Chichen Itza: Monday to Sunday from 8:00 to 17:00.
Access and lockers close at 16:00




If you already have your hotel reservation on Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum or Valladolid, here are the travel times to get there:

From Valladolid> 45 Min
From Tulum> 2H
From Playa Del Carmen> 2H15
From Cancun> 2H30
It is quite simple to travel to Mexico by car. We have done a detailed article on car rental to avoid scams and have a correct price.





One of the most anticipated events of the year is the decline of the feathered snake, which occurs in the spring and fall equinoxes, between March 21st and September 21st.

It is a famous play of light and shadows that resembles the descent of the god Kukulcan from the top of the equinox pyramid (March 20 and 21 and September 22 and 23), and its perfectly symmetrical distribution with the location of constellations, are some of the phenomena that are part of the mystery of their advanced astronomical knowledge.





The Chichen Itzá Light Show, known as the Kukulkan Nights, is a show of light and sound that allows us to visit this important archeological area at night.

Nights of Kukulkan shows us a spectacular play of lights and sounds of Mayan history. Moving images projected on the impressive pyramid tell us stories of gods and human beings; rites, customs, knowledge of the cosmos and mathematics, etc.

The night show of Kukulkan varies according to the winter or the summer. In both cases, it is recommended to be on site 15 minutes before opening hours:

Summer: entrance to the archaeological zone from 8 pm to 8.30 pm
Winter: entrance to the archaeological zone from 19:00 to 19:30.
Chichen Itza awards in 2019 for the show of lights:

510 pesos from Monday to Saturday.
255 pesos on Sunday.
What you must remember :

It is possible to buy the entrance ticket in advance to ensure the visit. You can use the official website to buy tickets online. The number of daily places to enjoy this show is 600. You can take pictures on the archaeological sites and during the screening. The use of the flash is not allowed. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The roads are not paved. You can enter with a bottle of water in the enclosure.



If you want to be first on the spot without being overwhelmed by hordes of tourists from all over the peninsula or if you want to see the light show the best is to take accommodation nearby.

Here is a list of the hotels closest to the archaeological site of Chichen itza:

Villas Arqueologicas (the most economical with pool) 10 min walk from the site. You will see parrots and parakeets on the way walking from time to time in the trees.
Mayaland Hotel and Bungalows (average price) within 5 min walk to site
Hacienda Chichen Itza (the most luxurious with pool) 10 min walk from the site.




You have 3 possibilities to visit Chichen Itza:

WITHOUT GUIDE> it is possible but without much interest, to walk without understanding the meaning of buildings and frescoes is frustrating and can be boring unless you only want to take a picture in front of the main pyramid and take a quick tour.
WITH GUIDE ON PLACE> you reserve at the entrance of the site, count about 1200 pesos for 2H of visit, they are specialized guides and formed on the history of this archaeological site. Note that you are often in a big group.
WITH GUIDE FOR THE DAY> you book in advance, it is the formula that most interesting. Financially you save because a guide is usually paid between 1500 and 1800 pesos for a day.
We booked our French speaking guide on the Secretoo co-booking platform. The guide accompanies us all day by adapting to our pace and our desires. He had much more time to talk about life in Mexico, the local culture and to answer all our questions.

He coupled the Chichen Itza tour with a magnificent cenote off the beaten track to refresh us and a tour to Valladolid in the local markets. We had been grouped with another couple who allowed to divide the costs and to be only 6 people in “privative” for 65 euros per person.




Architecture Chichen Itza


The conquest of Yucatán led to the creation of a new style that blended Mayan and Toltec traditions. The visit of Chichen-Itzá offers a good illustration of this merger. Examples include the southern group of buildings, the Caracol, a circular astronomical observatory and, to the north, the Quetzalcoatl pyramid, or Castillo.

The latter is surrounded by terraces on which were built the main monumental complexes: to the northwest, the large courtyard of the pelota, the wall of the Skull, the temple known as the Temple of Jaguar and the House of Eagles. Northeast, Warriors Temple, Thousand Columns, Market, and Pelota Courts. To the southwest, the tomb of the high priest.

The monuments of Chichen-Itza, especially in the northern group, the great ball game, the temple of Kuulan and the temple of the Warriors, are among the undisputed masterpieces of Mesoamerican architecture by the beauty of their proportions. , the refinement of their construction and the splendor of their carved decoration.

After the 13th century, no major monument seems to have been built there, and the city declined rapidly after 1440. The ruins of the city were only explored from 1841.

Since it was abandoned in the 15th century, Chichen-Itza has undergone a process of gradual deterioration until the first excavations on the site more than a century ago.

Nevertheless, the excellence of materials and techniques used by the Maya for the construction of buildings has guaranteed the survival of the architectural, sculptural and pictorial essence of Chichen-Itza over the centuries. So far, the elements that reflect the Outstanding Universal Value of the property have been preserved.



The site remains open to the public 365 days a year and receives at least 3,500 visitors per day and up to 8,000 visitors per day in high season. This means that the site is constantly in need of care and attention to prevent deterioration of its prehispanic tissue. In recent years it is forbidden to climb on different buildings to protect them.




Chichen itza avant d’être un site archéologique était une majestueuse ville construite dans la période classique autour de 2 cénotes. D’ou son nom “au bord du puit”. Sa date de création semble remontée autour de 415-455.

La ville qui s’est développée dans le secteur connu sous le nom de Chichén Viejo possédait déjà d’importants monuments d’un grand intérêt : l’édifice des Nonnes, l’église, l’Akab Dzib, le Chichan Chob, le temple des Panneaux et le temple du Cerf.

Le second site de Chichen-Itza, qui est le plus important pour les historiens, correspond à la migration des guerriers toltèques descendus vers le sud, depuis le plateau mexicain, au cours du Xe siècle. Selon la version la plus répandue, le roi de Tula, Kukulkan, selon le nom que les Mayas lui donnèrent, se serait emparé de la ville entre 967 et 987.



You have all the information you need to organize your visit to Chichen Itza. This archaeological site is in my opinion a must to see in Mexico because the pyramid El Castillo is really impressive, its size but also its very well preserved sculptures and then it is an essential archaeological site of Mayan history. It is also one of the 7 wonders of the world;)

Have a nice stay!

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