What brings us together?

The passion for travel and authenticity

The Word of Maryline, Secretoo Founder

“I love travel, meetings, and I get rich in contact with others, which is why I think that regrouping together during an excursion also allows to make encounters that sometimes turn into friendship”

My goal is to make the world a better place in my own way by helping travelers and guides around a common interest.”


Travellers who have found their local guide

Trips close to the localor or nature

Positively impacted guides

Open countries

The birth of Secretoo

Mom, entrepreneur and travel enthusiast, I organize my own trips for many years according to the points of interest I want to discover, I book online:

– My airfares
– My car rental
– My hotels,

and sometimes my excursions…

This organization usually takes me full weeks of research to find: the best plans, the best prices, the best places, and the best activities.

I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about;) The easiest way to book an excursion is to go through an agency…



The first time I went to Mexico I booked an excursion with a local agency that charged us more than 130 euros per person the exit (i.e. a budget for 3 people of 390 euros). At this price I could not do much and I had to limit myself to choose between several excursions that nevertheless closeto my heart.

There, we were very numerous, we could not hear the explanations of the guide,we could not ask all our questions …

When I went back the second time, I decided that I would not go through an agency again, so I looked for locals to do the same excursions, it took me a long time.

People of incredible kindness,I fished with them, I ate at them,I discussed the endless hours with them …

In talking with the guides,something caught my attention: they don’t know where to find clients so we work in collaboration with local agencies that bring us clients, knowing that we work that a few days a month and a few months of the year…



I don’t throw stones at the agencies, they need to pay for themselves and the services they offer are quite a customer’ but for us who travel by ourselves or are looking for something more authentic and economical,it is not necessarily the right solution.

I discovered that it was the same in most countries. And even worse when you go through a hotel or an agency on the internet as they work with a local agency that work with guides.

In short everyone takes his commission (sometimes up to 94 of the price paid by the traveler) so that in the end the guide bends in four for us and does not get much …

I didn’t find it fair at all for us travellers or for the locals.

I then asked myself the question:




By going directly through the guide,the guides pay themselves better and make sure to give their best to be recommended. The platform allows to divide costs by the number of participants and thus reduce the price significantly for travelers. As a result, the prices of secretoo tours are on average half as expensive as anywhere else and the guides pay themselves twice as much. It’s a win-win situation.

The goal of going through local guides,French or not, is to enjoy an authentic moment, away from tourist buses and large groups. Here, you will regularly eat at the locals’ home or in local restaurants. If you already have your car, guide the world in your car to avoid renting a vehicle unnecessarily. You’ll stay in small groups. The guides who contact us are checked and certified Secretoo to ensure the quality of their service. They must be human, passionate and serious.




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